Top 10 Best Drill Bit Sharpener Reviews


The drill bit is likely one of the most multipurpose instruments that can be utilized for drilling wood, concrete, metal, and various kinds of materials. Everybody simply wants a very good drill bit sharpener. Though it could be simpler and faster to throw away the boring one and purchase a new costly drill bit.  It is quite simple getting them sharpened and increasing the lifetime of your drill bit.

Sharpening with the drill bit sharpener might be accomplished manually, which might be scary for those who don’t have the required expertise, data, and the mandatory instruments. This text will help you to seek out the perfect drill bit sharpeners to make the selection simpler.

How to decide on the perfect drill bit sharpener

Whereas selecting your drill bit sharpener it is best to take note of the subsequent options:

A crucial factor to concentrate on is the dimensions constraints of the holder; guarantee your self that your entire drill bits will match into the machine.

You need to test what kinds of supplies the drill bit sharpener can reduce and make certain that it may be used on the items of your drill bit.

The adjustment mechanism might be completely different, thus you should watch out whenever you select yours and ensure that it is possible for you to make use of the machine.

1. MCM Drill Bit Sharpener

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This drill bit sharpener works in a short time and extra simply because the boring drill bits reduce the perimeters very easily. The drill that’s inbuilt directs the angled sharpening very gently. Furthermore, the grinding stone comes up with an alternative that works lengthy life.

Key options:

With the score by individuals, it involves quantity tenth in total rankings.

It’s strewn by the MCM and is acceptable for a Three.5-10 mm HSS of drill bits.

The drill bit ensures the right angle.

The drill bit sharps rapidly and all of the drills match with a sharpener by diameter collar of 43mm and the ½” drill chuck.

The alternative package deal of grinding stone stays for longer.

2. Cobalt Drill Bit three/32″ M-35 10 Pack Jobber Size


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This product comes with the OEM Instruments  Cobalt Jobber of three/32″ M-35 in size the drill bits. These are designed for the job web site intransigence and for long life. The online geometry is far thicker core as in comparison with the common drill bit. That gives the utmost power to the customers. This product works amazingly to get rid of any side-load breakages. The parabolic flute uniqueness retains the bit cool whereas working. This product is relevant for the floor curves in addition to moveable drills.

Key options:

With the 5 star rankings by a lot of the peoples, it involves the tenth quantity.

It’s made up of M35 Cobalt that’s high-speed metal on 21/Four″OAL.

It’s designed for the Sheet Metallic, the Forged Iron, and the Stainless Metal that works lengthy life.

The Tri-Minimize Grip Shank might scale back the Bit Slipping in pitch.

Furthermore, the flute design provides its sturdiness for longer life.

It performs higher within the chrome steel, in forged iron, nickel, titanium, and copper supplies. 

3. Multi-Objective Energy Sharpener Drill Bit Knife Scissor Aircraft Chisel Blade Knife

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This Multi-Objective Energy Sharpener Drill is a sturdy sharpener. With the excessive velocity of the drill sharpener, it could carry out a number of duties. It comes with a knife, scissor sharpener, and the Chisel and Aircraft Sharpener. The enter energy is 70 Watt @ 110 Volt. The utmost velocity is 6700 RPM and the utmost wheel diameter is 1/Four″ – 2″.

Key options:

With the Four-star rankings by a lot of the peoples, it involves the eighth quantity.

It’s the high-speed drill sharpener.

The knife and scissor sharpener, and the Chisel and Aircraft Sharpener include this multipurpose drill.

The enter energy is 70 Watt @ 110 Volt with a max velocity of 6700 RPM.

It sharpens the straight edge Chisel and the Aircraft Blades ranges from 1/Four″ to 2″ broad.

The general dimension are Eight″ x Eight″ x Eight″

Its drill diameter is 7/64″ to three/Eight″

It comes with the 5.5’ UL Energy Twine

4. Drill Bit Sharpener Tormek DBS-22 – The Drill Bit Sharpening Jig Attachment For Tormek Water

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The four-facet grind is actually superior to the widespread split-point grind. The alignment of four-facet grinding contributes to the permanence of the bit and permits bits to be self-centering, which facilitates your work. It additionally produces a bit that makes use of much less torque and produces much less warmth. The entire water-cooled sharpening system will make your instruments properly sharpened, taking much less metallic off the instruments, which can prolong their stability. The drill bit sharpening DBS-22 regard from Tormek is deliberate for use with signature toll-sharpening methods of Tormek, (T-7 or T-Three). It may be tailored to a variety of angles relying on the kind of your bit. The impartial check has proved the Tormek-sharpener drill bit can keep it up to 4 instances longer than a daily bit. 4-facet level brings the purpose to a chisel edge that won’t stroll and drill spherical.

Key options:

With the 5 star rankings by a lot of the peoples, it involves the seventh quantity.

4-facet factors

Symmetrical sharpening and an identical two reducing edges

Sharpens all level angles 90 to150 levels

One drill holder drill bits from 1/Eight-Inch (3mm) to the 7/Eight-Inch (22mm)

The optimum clearance angle might be set in response to the drilling situation

5. Multi-Sharp 2001 Multi-Sharp Twin Objective Drill and Instrument Sharpener

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 The Multi-Sharp Twin Objective Sharpener will sharpen HSS and the masonry bits, in addition to the Brad heart level bits particularly. The grinding jig rigorously locations any sort of bit over the wheels and grids the correct tip and aid angles. It may be powered by all electrical drills. It is ready to re-sharpen and re-edge the scribers, bradawls, the punches, in addition to the chilly chisels and TCT tile, and the laminate cutters. It may be adjustable to any energy drill. Lengthy-lasting comes with high-quality Aluminum Oxide and the Silicon Carbide wheels might sharpen leastwise to 150 HSS/Wooden bits and to 75 Masonry/SDS+ bits. The grinding wheels will also be modified.

Key options:

With the three-star rankings by a lot of the peoples, it involves the sixth quantity.

Sharpens HSS, the masonry, and the Brad heart level bits

It Will begins with an electrical drill

Re-edges and it sharpens small instruments

6. Neiko 10170A Electrical Drill Bit Sharpener, Twin Heads

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It lets you improve the useful lifetime of bids and protect the bits for prime quality. It might work on carbon metal in addition to high-speed metal and it may be utilized in bits used on wooden, on metallic, and different. The diploma of crushing is adaptable. The plastic housing has an excessive impression, and it consists of Three.5 to10 mm Head and an eight to 16 mm Head Motor. It’s thermally protected which blocks overheating. The rubber ft assure the stableness and stop from slipping.

Key options:

With the three-star rankings by a lot of the peoples, it involves the fifth quantity.

Works with carbon metal and with the high-speed metal

Thermal safety postpone the overheating

steadiness supplied by rubber ft

Two head with the marked information holes

7. XtremepowerUS All in 1 Multipurpose Energy Drill Bit Scissor Knife Aircraft Chisel Sharpener

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This drill sharpener is of excessive velocity and comes with the enter energy of 70 Watt @ 110 Volt. It might sharpen the knives and scissors, the chisels, and planes sideways from drill bits. It might additionally sharpen the Straight Edge Chisel and the Aircraft Blades from 1/Four″ to 2″ Large. It might attain the utmost velocity of 4800 RPM and the utmost wheel diameter of two.

Key options:

With the Four-star rankings by a lot of the peoples, it involves the fourth quantity.

Excessive velocity


Sharpens knives and scissors, in addition to chisels and planes

8. Woodstock D4144 Drill Sharpener

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This Drill Bit Sharpener is adaptable to miscellaneous drill-point angles. It might sharpen drill bits from 1/Eight-Inch to three/Four-Inch unexpectedly and precisely.

Key options:

With the Four-star rankings by a lot of the peoples, it involves the third quantity.

Adaptable to the miscellaneous drill-point angles

Works quick and in an exact approach

9. Drill Physician DD750X Drill Bit Sharpener

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The Drill Physician is remarkably straightforward to make use of. You possibly can merely line up the bit by inserting it and locking it in a spot to sharpen the bit. You flip the chuck a fair variety of instances. Lengthy jaws will preserve the bit precisely in place, and jaw guides will take away jaw twisting on small bits. On ending the sharpening of the bid, the Drill Physician 750X might give you a choice to create a unique BACK-CUT a split-point that gives the bit an enormously skinny chisel level, which can infiltrate sooner and in addition prevents over-splitting the bit level. The metallic split-point and die-cast level angle shuttle gives the Drill Physician 750X with sturdiness. It incorporates a permanent-magnet motor to supply fixed energy, irrespective of load or velocity. A sharpening wheel, the industrial-strength diamond will keep unchanged over time and straightforward to exchange. It additionally comes with a rugged shell case.

Key options:

With the 5 star rankings by a lot of the peoples, it involves the second quantity.

Relevant for numerous drill bits sorts (high-speed metal, the masonry, cobalt, TiN-coated, carbide, drills)

Adjustable level angles vary from 115to 140o

Sharpens from Three/32-inch to three/Four-inch common twist bits

Creates or removes the spit factors

Industrial-strength diamond a sharpening wheel

Comes with a shell case


10. Drill Physician DD350X Drill Bit Sharpener

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This easy-to-use design is characterized by a front-loading chuck with the simplified place and the sharpening procedures. It might sharpen from Three/32″ to half″ common twist bits with the 118 levels, by high-speed metal, carbide, masonry,  and tin-coated bits. It makes use of a sharpening wheel as an exchangeable diamond. The V-block jaws might preserve the bit precisely in a proper and safe place. The secure magnet motor might produce fixed energy regardless of any load or velocity.

Key options:

With the 5 star rankings by a lot of the peoples, it comes on the primary.

Sharpens the bits from Three/32- to the 1/2-inch

Works with high-speed metal, masonry, the carbide, and TiN-coated bits

Exploits a sharpening wheel as industrial-strength diamond

It affords easy, and on-chuck alignments


Good drill bit sharpener might assist not solely with saving your cash by permitting you to re-use drill bits but in addition saves your time and works higher, sooner and assuredly than the instruments you usually use. It could appear as an pointless expenditure, however in the long term, it really saves cash by extending the lifetime of your drill bit in addition to your drill. For those who don’t sharpen your drill bid or utilizing a drill bit sharpener which doesn’t sharpen your drill bit successfully you’ll be able to simply injury your drill and shorten its life. Preserving your drill bit sharp will ease your drill’s work and by that delay its usability. All of those details present the entire advantages of a high quality bit sharpener to make alternative simpler.


  1. Andres Blancett says

    Hey, I have a quick question for you. What do you think about Dewalt drills vs Makita? Or do you think a cheaper brand is good like Ryobi? I’m planning on buying a kit and I want to make sure I’m investing in the right system. Thanks in advance for your reply!

    1. admin says

      Hey, when I buy tools I look for good quality, high strength material, reliable brands, affordable/economical ( i also compare prize) and good reviews (compare with other reviews too). I prefer made in the U.S. (Black & Decker ), or Japan (Makita, Ryobi,. Made in China are cheaper but in general, they don’t last long.

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